The Carnegie Club shop by Millerbrown at Skibo Castle in the Northern Higlands of Scotland

The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle

Classic quality. Classic beauty. This impressive new shop  has brought a world-class shopping experience to Skibo.  

Golf and leisurewear,  jewellery, leather goods and local specialities are all beautifully merchandised creating a unique shopping environment for members and their guests.

At Millerbrown we can produce 3D renders during the design process to help visualise what will work best Different views can help our clients better understand the customer experience before committing to a plan.We present our plans in a way that makes the customer's journey as clear as possible.We love how the shop design makes the most of the stunning building's natural light.Making the golf shop an intrinsic part of the Golf Club was a key objectiveAn open and welcoming entrance is designed to pull people into the shop.Somewhere to sit and relax for those whose partners need more decision making time.Skibo Golf Shop...